Benefits of Milk Baths: 4 Reasons to Add Milk to Your Bath

Benefits of Milk Baths: 4 Reasons to Add Milk to Your Bath

Did you know your kitchen provides ingredients to improve your beauty routine? The benefits of milk baths go beyond your traditional bubble bath, you might even be surprised by this quirky way to enjoy a nice soak.         

Instead of pouring milk by the gallon into your bath, try our homemade Luxury Milk Bath! Combined with vanilla essential oils for natural and enhanced relaxation qualities, it offers many benefits for you and your skin so you can feet your very best.            

Benefits of Milk Baths

Benefit #1 Improves and Smoothes Rough Skin

The fats and proteins in milk provide benefits in your bathwater that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Also working to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, the lactic acid in milk helps clean and soften the skin by removing dead cells so you can feel brand new after a bath! This also provides deeper improvements to the skin’s appearance, which is especially great during the cold, dry winter.     

Benefit #2 Soothes Skin Irritations

Milk baths are gentle on the skin and they even help exfoliate your skin without any scrubbing! This is especially for irritated skin. Our luxury milk bath includes whey and casein proteins, amino acids, and vitamins A, D and E that all work together to not only reduce redness and itchiness, but to also soothe your skin so you can look and feel your best!    

Many adults and children also experience uncomfortable skin irritations such as eczema and more. Milk baths can work to help soothe some of the irritation of eczema and other skin conditions, however it’s important to check with your healthcare provider before trying home remedies for a medical skin condition.       

Benefit #3 Detoxes Skin and Boosts Immunity

Make your milk bath hot enough and you will be able to produce enough sweat to remove toxins from your body naturally, which helps improve your skin and overall health, more great benefits of milk baths.

The heat of the steam from your hot bath will also stimulate the immune system and increase circulation to help improve your overall health. This will help your body fight any bacteria and viruses that might be coming your way, which means less coughs, colds, and illnesses!      

Benefit #4 Enhances Relaxation   

The milk and essential oils added to your baths (milk baths) create an overall relaxed and comfortable feeling, which helps to reduce the day’s stress. You can create a more relaxing environment by dimming lights, lighting candles, and playing relaxing music during your bath.         

The hot water in a bath also encourages deep muscle relaxation to ease cramps, prevent tension headaches and improve muscle elasticity! See, there are so many awesome benefits to milk baths. Don’t just take our word for it! Try our soothing luxury bath milk for yourself and experience ultimate relaxation and amazing skin benefits while you’re in the tub!!